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Tropea: The Coast of the Gods
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In the land chosen by the Greeks to expand their culture and by the Gods, as the ideal residence for their children, there is a coast that is famous all over the world for its natural wonders: dazzling white beaches, exciting sunsets, a luxuriant and virgin nature, architectural remnants of the most ancient cultures (Greek, Roman, Norman, Saracen), we are talking about the “Coast of the Gods”…..

Along the Calabrian coast, and easily reachable by the local trains, are several appealing resorts.
Scilla, to the south, is an extremely picturesque fishing town with an impressive castle on a headland.
Pizzo, to the north, is a cheerful seaside town famous for its chocolate truffle ice cream.
Reggio Calabria is further away, but it is worth the train journey to see the two famous Greek statues - the Riace Bronzes - displayed in the town's excellent archaeological museum, and to admire the views over the Straits of Messina to Sicily.

One of the highlights of a stay in Tropea is a boat trip to the Aeolian Islands; either a daytime trip to visit two or three of the islands, or an afternoon - evening excursion to view the eruptions of Stromboli, an active volcano. Several different companies in Tropea organise day trips, and you'll find advertising leaflets and agencies selling tickets throughout Tropea.
Bear in mind that this is a long day out and could be cancelled at short notice if the sea conditions aren't favourable. The Aeolian Islands are a great destination in their own right, and if you have time for a longer visit, you could make it a two-centre holiday in combination with Tropea. On clear days, Stromboli is visible from Tropea.

If you have a hire car, you will be able to explore the other attractive beaches and viewpoints around Tropea, and perhaps tour several villages or towns in a day. The Costa degli Dei offers a succession of little seaside settlements such as Ricadi, Parghelia and Briatico as well as the viewpoint and lighthouse of Capo Vaticano. Zungri, a short way inland, has some abandoned cave-dwellings to visit.

Finally, there are various organised excursions from Tropea for those who prefer not to travel independently. The tourist information offices or travel company agencies can supply up-to-date details of these.
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